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Posted: Friday May 14th, 2021 @ 9:42am

Many of us are feeling the need to purge the winter stores and remnants, as well as kick-start the liver to embrace the new Spring. A common mistake in this beneficial process happens when we shock the body through drastic action. Breaking patterns requires subtle determination. Be gentle and focus on the good... self-love is powerfully transformative! Below is the info sheet included in the cleanse kit, a worthy read whether you are cleansing or not.

Happy eliminations,
E.C. Bell


Compliments to you for choosing to cleanse your body of unwanted accumulations of foods, wastes and toxins. Internal cleansing of your organs helps to increase their overall performance enhancing health and longevity. Reducing the amount of collected fecal matter in the intestines provides for better assimilation of nutrients from our daily food choices.

Clayoquot Botanicals has designed this herbal cleanse to strengthen the body's own systems of detoxification and processes of elimination. The herbal formulas support the natural processes of cleansing in the specific organs, and encourage increased production of intestinal lubrication to prevent reabsorption of released wastes and toxins.

Please begin this process slowly. Avoid releasing toxins into circulation until your body is prepared to dispose of them efficiently. Fasting and purging too quickly can cause a "healing crisis" and deplete your vitality. Follow the dosage and directions on each item and place them where you will remember with routine.

It is important to work these herbs into your daily routine through consistency. The components are all of food grade, very nourishing, containing essential nutrients without harmful "scrubbing" actions. Occasionally, certain herbs do not agree with individual tastes or constitution. You should not experience intense bowel movements. Warnings and contraindications are listed and you should consult a physician for possible interactions if you are taking pharmaceutical or herbal prescriptions.

It is important not to become overly compulsive about your eating habits nor food choices. Try to maintain what is relatively normal to your daily routine & incorporate subtle shifts as opposed to dramatic change. Take realistic assessment of your usual food choices; keeping the positive & letting-go of those that you instinctually know aren't so good for you (i.e. baked goods, refined foods, animal protein everyday, too much caffeine, alcohol, sugar, or excessive anything).

Consider what portion of your diet is of cooked food & how to balance that with raw sustenance. Flours clog the pipes. During this cleanse do your best to eat very few (if any) foods with flour; and yes, this means bread, muffins, most crackers. Take this as an opportunity to indulge in a new cookbook and try different recipes. A cleanse should not be a period of punishment and denial.

If I could advise one main focus for your diet, it would be to increase the amount of enzyme rich choices & to start sprouting the beans & grains sitting in your pantry. Sprouts are unbelievable sources of enzymes & are so incredibly agreeable to digestion! Sprouting is enjoyable & rhythmic in practice, also very affordable.

Pay close attention to food combining. Understand that improperly digested foods turn toxic within the digestive system. Keep it simple, eat many greens with protein, eat greens with fats, eat greens with starches/carbs.; but don't eat them all together. Each example would be its own meal. Fruits require at least a couple hours to digest & should definitely be eaten alone. However, if you have a meal that doesn't work within these guidelines, then balance your system with more of the root tea & an extra big salad (try homemade dressings with omega oils & your favorite vinegar). Don't berate yourself if you have difficulty fitting these patterns into your lifestyle. Remember subtle changes, use each meal as an opportunity to clean the system.

Fresh juices and vegetable broths are easy to make and exceptionally beneficial to the cleansing process. Miso can be added to broths after they have simmered. Roasted veggies are super satisfying on a chilly day and also quite nourishing and cleansing. Try to use organic produce to reduce exposure to harmful pesticides: artichokes, asparagus, beans, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, celery, daikon, dandelion greens and roots, endive, corn, peas, peppers, kale, lettuce, okra, sprouts, onions, garlic, parsley, parsnips, radishes, spinach, squash, swiss chard, turnip, zucchini.

Legumes, beans, peas, and lentils are efficient sources of protein, reduce saturated fat and cholesterol in the blood, and are cleansing to the arteries. Sprouting further enhances their effective nutrition. There are many wholesome grains that you can cook with or instead of rice, whose varying flavors may surprise you. Unprocessed grains are an excellent source of niacin and contain quality vitamin E in their oils.

Apple cider vinegar is considered very detoxifying and can help to balance digestion. Use as a salad dressing, sprinkle on top of steamed greens and veggies, or try a teaspoon diluted in 1/3 cup of water drunk first thing in the morning (please wait until a week into the cleanse to ensure proper elimination of toxins). Fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice first thing in the morning or on an empty stomach can be used in a similar way.

Your cleanse kit includes tonic herbs that will nourish & build your systems, facilitate elimination, and fine-tune the processes of metabolism. Develop a routine that suits you, whereby you take the capsules & tinctures twice daily. Alternating preparation of the loose leaf tea with the root decoction can simplify the program. If you happen to take a break from the cleanse simply resume the routine when ready. Remember that consistency yields the most efficient results.

Engage in activities that give you a gentle sweat and increase metabolism. Do what you love to do, especially if it increases your heart rate. Focus on getting plenty of fresh air & be positive in your thoughts. Observe how you feel & enjoy the improvements.

For your health, happiness, and quality of life;
Clayoquot Botanicals.



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